Frank's Freedom

Meet Frank. He’s 13 years old, and is curious, busy, fun happy and bright. He has a mental delay, but that doesn’t stop him from being friendly, engaging and kind. He’s also an orphan in Eastern Europe. This means he is in an institution. If he is not adopted by age 16, he will be thrown out on the street with nothing but the clothes on his back and his “disabled orphan” status. Let me tell you more about Frank.

He’s little, about the size of a 7 year old. And he’s smart. He is in a group with teenage boys ages 16-24. He does puzzles and he does his chores diligently. He is very kind to the younger children. Frank is friendly and engaging. He likes being with the boys, but is happy being alone too. He plays appropriately with toys and is “all boy”. He could very easily function in a family. Frank is curious, smart, fun and sweet. He likes to play in the dirt and jump on the trampoline. Frank is independent, a good eater, is happy and content. Frank is physically healthy. He walks, runs, feeds himself, speaks, does puzzles and interacts with others well. He's a sweet boy who seems rather unaffected by his surroundings. He has no future where he's at, and without help, he's never getting out. Institutions are a one way ticket to nowhere. And this little boy deserves a future. This little boy will be a blessing to any family.

The Baker family has committed to adopt Frank and another boy, Emmitt. But international adoption is pretty expensive. The adoption would cost about $30,000. Reece’s Rainbow is an organization that helps with this cost. They set up grants for children in 25 countries around the world, and any money that is donated to these funds is given to the families to help with adoption fees. With Reece's Rainbow's help, the Baker family only needs about $10,000 to bring home both boys!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Confession

I've got to confess something...
I'm in love. With this little boy. His name is Frank, and he's stolen my heart, and I can't stand to see him waiting for a family. He's a sweet, kind, silly, smart boy. But for some reason I can't understand, he's been put into a mental institution. He's been there a while. Yet he's remained smart, and bright, and kind.
But years surrounded by rocking, stimming men takes a toll on a young mind. And if he isn't saved soon, he will regress into a rocking, mindless body. He needs someone to come save him, to let him be a kid. He's almost 13 years old. But he still needs a daddy to wrestle with, a mom to comfort him. Brothers to play Nerd fights with. Sisters to make forts with. Siblings to explore with. He'd be a blessing to any family. Yes, he has a mental delay. What would you expect from a child who has spent years in a mental institution? But he hasn't lost his spirit. He's still a joyful little kid. He's bring that joy to a family. But if he isn't saved soon, he'll lose that spirit. He's strong, but no one can resist forever. Please, I am begging. Come save him. He has almost $12,000 available for his adoption. The total adoption would only cost $18,000- $20,000. He's already 2/3 of the way to fully funded. I promise, as his Guardian Angel and past Angel Tree Warrior, I will do everything in my power to raise the rest of the money needed to bring him home. Money won't be an issue.
So look around? Could your table seat one more? Could you  share a little more of your life and give him a family? Could your kids use another playmate? He just needs someone to take that step, and save him. Before it's too late. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

But He's Got A Trampoline

I've had some people make some comments about Frank's need for a family. And I think those common misconceptions are why he so overlooked. But he is just as deserving of a family. He needs a family too!
He's 12, so he isn't super close to aging out. He's got a little over three years still. But let me point something out to you. He's almost 13. I'm not sure how long he has been in an orphanage, but he's probably spent almost his entire life in orphanages. He's waited 13 YEARS for a family. No, he's not "aging out" yet, but why wait until the last minute! He needed someone to come get him, like yesterday. Just because he isn't "aging out" doesn't mean he doesn't need out. He needs out of that mental institution.
I have shared the picture of Frank on the trampoline before. The reaction is usually, "Hey, he has fun there!" He's having fun at the mental institution, so he doesn't need a family, right? I mean, he's got a trampoline, that's all a kid ever needs, right? Right? Look a little closer at that picture. Do you see the ripped, high water jeans? Do you see how skinny he is? But of course, he has a trampoline, so he's fine! Right? My heart hurts when people just see that and think he's fine, because they have a trampoline. What about those jeans? They're ripped and way too short on him, yet they are falling off because he is so skinny. Sure, he gets fed at the institution, but with 70 residents, there's probably not "seconds". There's no choice of what you're going to eat. You sit down and eat what is given to you, or you don't eat.
Frank doesn't have a life- threatening illness. He just has a mental delay, and possibly FAS. So there isn't that "urgency" to save him. But there needs to be an urgency! Everyday he's there, he's getting older, and he's becoming more delayed. He doesn't have anyone to teach him, to help him grow. With no stimulation, his delay will only increase. He does nothing all day. He just walks around. He needs a family who will be able to teach him, to help him experience the world.
He's got food, clothes, and a place to sleep. So he's well off right? I've already talked about the food issue. Yes, he has food, but they never get enough. No one has time to make sure all the residents are "full". He has clothes, but they aren't his own. They come from a community closet, and they wear whatever they can find. Most often, the clothes are too big or too small, and never new. And his "place to sleep"? It's a cruddy old mattress, in a room full of other residents. The mattresses are all falling apart, with patches and holes. The residents do the best they can to fix them and clean them. They really do need new ones, but it is very expensive and they cannot afford it. Whenever his mattress gets dirty, he'll drag it outside and try to wash it, then lean it against the fence, and hope it dries before he goes to bed. When I say 'mattress', I'm not talking about your super comfy, Sleep Country USA, heated, TEMPUR- Pedic. I'm not even talking your average, bunk bed twin mattress. No, I'm talking about a few large pieces of cloth, sewn together, and stuffed with anything soft. Not the best thing in the world to sleep on. He needs someone who can answer all his questions. Little kids always have lots of questions. "Why is the sky blue? Why is grass green? Why do I have brown eyes?" And while caretakers can answer some of those, he will always have more questions. Let me tell you a little story that happened a few weeks ago.
The institution had just put a new decoration on the wall in the dining room- a figurine of Jesus on the cross. During the next meal, Frank noticed it on the wall. He went over and observed it, then began asking the caretakers who that was, and why he was crucified. The caretakers told him it was Jesus, and he was crucified because people sinned. He kept calling people over and telling them, "That's Jesus! That's Jesus!" He needs a family who can help him learn more about Jesus, and his love for us, so he can tell the world, "That's Jesus!"
He's a smart, kind, bright little boy. His story may not stand out as much, but he has just as urgent a need to adopted! Please share about him!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kevin, Jack and Jensen- Welcome to the Party!

Thank you Lonni for inviting Kevin, Jack and Jensen!

Boy, born January 2004
PRC albinism, ametropia, amblyopia
Kevin is generally happy and healthy. He needs to wear sunglasses outside. He is cognitively normal, and attends kindergarten.
$23.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

JACK and JENSEN for Jon and Angela — NV

Many years ago, at different times and in different cities, two incredibly special baby boys were born into the world. Both were precious and beautiful children from the moment they came into being and the world is, without a doubt, better for having them in it. “Jensen” was born first. He is said to be a quiet yet friendly child who is calm and loves people, animals, nature and crafts. While he lives with Cerebral Palsy, his condition does not define him. There is so much more to this amazing young man and his waiting family longs to bring him opportunities that he cannot get without a family. It has been relayed to his waiting family that Jensen is worried that a family will never come for him and he is afraid of reaching his next birthday without a family (which would mean that he would forever lose his chance at being adopted). While his family does not know when he will be told that they are coming for him, they pray his heart can be shielded from this stress and pain during this unnerving time. Born next was precious “Jack”. This little angel was born with an incredibly rare genetic condition called Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and, unfortunately, with the demands of this life-threatening illness, his needs are exceptionally difficult to manage in his country of origin. When this baby boy came into alternative care, it quickly became clear that, in an orphanage setting, it would be an uphill battle to provide him with what he needs to avoid the many dangers that are faced by children living with XP- most importantly cancer and a very premature death. While this boy has been loved by orphanage staff and missions teams who have visited him, he has waited for just under a decade for someone to claim him as their son and provide him with what all children need and deserve- love, family, stability, dedication, proper medical care and hope. While he does not yet know about his waiting family either, he should be getting to meet them soon as there are attempts being made to expedite the adoption process as much as possible because of his extreme medical needs. Jack is a spunky little fighter and his best chance at survival is coming home to his loving family.

The family that has stepped forward for both wonderful boys has said “Yes! We will absolutely do everything in our power to bring our sons-to-be home as quickly as possible and we will move heaven and earth to provide them with everything they need and deserve.” This family does not wish to be thought of as heroic or saintly though. While they realize that these children will now be given lives that they could not get in an orphanage or foster facility setting, they truly feel as if they are the blessed ones in this situation. They will now get to love on these sweet, compassionate and amazing young boys who both have very special spirits and very special places in the hearts of their family-members-to-be. No matter what battles they may face with the care of their new sons, this family knows that they will do all that is necessary for their care and well-being and that they will enjoy and make the most of however long it is that they have together. While Jack’s condition is life-threatening and comes, most typically, with a significantly reduced life span (especially in the case of those living untreated for prolonged periods of time as has Jack), the hope is that once this little guy gets home to his new country, new state, new family and new medical team, his health will be able to be properly assessed by professionals with expertise in his rare condition and that he will be put on a path that will allow him a long, healthy and happy life. Surely that is what we all hope for this child. While his condition cannot be cured, it can be managed better here in the states than it can be in an orphanage setting in his country of origin. While the waiting family originally committed to Jack alone, they knew that they wanted to welcome Jensen into the family as well as soon as they learned of him and they could not allow this sweet young man to age out never knowing the love and security of a family. People say that there are no guarantees in life but this family guarantees that they will love their new children to no end and that they will make sure they have what they need to be put in the best position possible. While this family can provide for all of Jack’s and Jensen’s needs once they get home, they could very much use assistance in getting to the point where the boys actually can come home. Please search your heart and determine whether or not you can help them with the financial aspect of the adoption process. You will enjoy getting to know this family virtually and you will surely be pleased by reading more about their precious sons-and brothers-to-be. Hopefully you will agree to step alongside not only these beautiful young boys, but also their soon-to-be-dad (a wonderfully devoted husband, father and active duty military member), mom (a fiercely dedicated wife and mother as well as a skilled secondary school teacher), big brothers and baby sister (all of whom are thrilled to be welcoming new siblings into the family). Whether you keep this family and, most importantly, these children in your thoughts and prayers or you sow into the family’s adoption fund, you will be an immensely positive force in all of their lives. You will forever have this family’s heart and gratitude for helping them along in the adoption process and for caring about their new children. Blessings, peace and love to all of you!
Follow the family’s adoption journey on their blog at $12210.71 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

"Somewhere there's a little boy growing up on his own
When he wants to feel the arms of love and a hope he's never known
Across town there's a woman who's looking at a photograph
She longs to give her heart away to a child she couldn't have
Tonight he needs the strength to just hold on
And she believes deep in her heart that day is gonna come

You just may be
The answer to a prayer
The one to meet a need
And you just may be
The only heaven some will ever see
You just may be

 A baby girl is born to face the world alone
While a mom and dad are on their knees praying for a little one
Half a world away three brothers in a foster home
Are dreaming of a family they can call their own
Well that family leaves tomorrow for the Philippines
And that mom and dad got the call they waited years to receive

 You just may be
The answer to a prayer
The one to meet a need
And you just may be
The only heaven some will ever see

 You just may be the hope to hold on to
Be the hand that pulls them through
A single ray of loves that shines so true

 You just may be
The answer to a prayer
The one to meet a need
And you just may be
The only heaven some will ever see

Oh, the one who leads them to believe
The only heaven some will ever see
You just may be"
~ Karyn Williams "Just May Be"

Monday, April 22, 2013


You can do a lot with just $5. I'm having a $5 fundraiser. Instead of spending in on that coffee, consider spending it to help Frank!
This is all part of Frank's birthday celebration!
With $5, you can do one of the following:
- Purchase a handmade friendship bracelet
- Purchase a set of hair bows
- Invite a child to Frank's party! The child of your choice will be featured in a blog post, my blog sidebar, and a special birthday party album on my FB page!

I have some incentives for you to come join!

If you do one of the following:
a) buy a set of hair bows and invite a child
b) buy a bracelet and invite a child
c) buy a wallet
d) invite two children
You can invite another child! The only rule is you have to purchase a wallet or invite another child, and you can invite another!

If you share on your blog, you can invite a child! Only once please.

Plus, if you give more then $25, I will make you a personalized photo/ music video!

So why not join? Come join the party!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I am interrupting my blogging for Frank, to share three boys who need families NOW! Two of them age out in 15 and 16 days. The other in 2 months.
Let me introduce you to Sebastian, Joseph, and Casey.
Other bloggers have shared about these boys, in hopes to rescue them!
Please share!


Sebastian (1)Sebastian (2)
Boy, born April 26 1997
Speech issues

Sebastian will turn 16 THIS MONTH (April 2013).  A family must have paperwork filed for him with USCIS PRIOR to his birthday — so, it must be filed on 4/25/2013.
We’ve been told Sebastian is available for adoption, but his paperwork will not be cleared in country until fall 2013.  However, the process *MUST* be started with USCIS (US Immigration) prior to his 16th birthday, for an American family to adopt him.
Sebastian so badly longs for a family and to belong.  He is shy, and has a very calm demeanor, slow to think and respond and soft spoken. He is not the ”in your face” kind of young man. He has ran away from the school on several occasions because he is sad living at the school and just does not fit in. With him being shy he is often picked on and accused of things he does not do and becomes a target because he does not fight back. Anything he was asked to do or help with the mission team he did not hesitate to help. When activities came up and he was asked to participate he had no problem engaging and playing. He has a slight stutter that comes out at times but nothing that will enable him or his future to achieve any goals. He is a precious young man. He says at times he has a hard time remembering things . He stated that he believes in God.
He loves to read the encyclopedia and to learn. He loves animals and like to look them up and read about them. He loves all animals and would love to be in a family with any kind of animal. He loves mashed potatoes and chicken and he does not care much for fish soup! He enjoys sports like Futbul (soccer), basketball, running and swimming. He enjoys drawing cars.
Although Sebastian is shy he can be funny and talkative at times. If he had a choice to be in a calm and quiet place, alone or with friends he would rather be with friends and not alone. He would prefer to be one to follow a good leader verse being the one to lead others. If he had some free time he would love to wind down by reading a book. He wants to build houses and that is the one trade he would love to learn. If he had three wishes he said to come to have a family in America, live in America and live near his other friend named Sasha or be able to talk to him. If he could be like anyone in the world he said he likes himself the way God made him. If he could visit anywhere in the world it would be America. He said he has visited a camp in Greece and he liked it there. When he went he thought he was going to be adopted and it did not happen it was just a camp so he was heart broken. He would love to visit an athletic gym in America and look at houses (architecture). He loves to look at church buildings and study how they are built and what they look like and enjoyed seeing them in Greece. He said he does not smoke or drink like many in his school and his favorite color is yellow. His favorite school subjects are Math, drawing and PE and his least favorite is Chemistry. He states he is an average student. When asked if he could visit a family in America would he like to be the oldest or youngest he said he did not care he just wanted to be part of a family. This young man is running out of time and it was so clear he just wants a family. He wrote a letter to a member of the team, asking for her help to find a family and thanking her for being willing to find him one.


30226121603 Joseph
Boy, born April 25, 1997
Abnormal development of cardiac system, recurrent infection of ENT organs and respiratory tract, humpback

Joseph WANTS to be adopted and we want to give him a chance in case there is a family that is paper ready or able to file petition for his adoption with USCIS before he turns 16 to adopt him.
He has no younger siblings.


Born June 1997
Cerebral palsy, significant mental delays, seborrheic dermatitis

Casey is very sweet.   He is bedridden, yet full of smiles.  He desperately needs a family to save him.
Travel required;  married couples only.  Large families welcome.
$1745.30 is available towards the cost of my adoption!

Donations are tax deductible.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mulligan Stew 2013

You Matter Frank!

They are always hungry.
Most of the babes in the institute get just enough but never really enough.
Their little tummies are always longing for more food.
They don't get a choice what they are going to eat and frankly - they don't care.  They just want food.
Even if it is soup and bread every single day of their lives.

They shovel the food in as fast as they can for fear that it will be taken away before they can finish.

We can't cross the ocean and set up a stew pot to fill their stomachs for real.

Even if we could, they would just be hungry again the next day.

What we can do is much greater.

We can throw our dimes and nickels into their buckets and fill up their grant accounts to make it easy for a family to cross that ocean and adopt them so they will never be hungry again.


He is starving for so much more than food in his belly.

He is starving for attention.  He is starving for someone to care.  He is starving for someone to chase after him when he runs. 

He is looking for a Father who can HOLD HIS HAND and teach him how to grow up to be a man.

He's looking for a Mother who will comfort him when he scrapes his knee. 

Oh Frank.

You matter so much.

You matter so very very much.

Please help me raise Frank's grant account.  Right now we have raised only $76.00 for Frank. 

Please help me get his face out. 

The ONLY diagnosis Frank has is moderate mental delay.  He MAY have FAS but that is just MY cautionary.  He DESPERATELY needs a family.  He is wasting away at a Level Four Mental Institute where he most definitely DOES NOT belong!



"A Common Stew for an Uncommonly Good Cause!"

There are more than 100 items simmering away in our stew pot. The total value of all of these items is well over $5,000.00.

Now we just need YOU to help us care for the orphan.

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'"

Last year we had over 500 PEOPLE donate and share.
This year ....

 120 people have donated so far...

Annie, Joni, Nicole, Erin, Katrina, Micheala, Kim, Andrew, Leah, Kathy, Daniel
Anne, Debbie, Amy, Lori, Christine, Katie, Pam
K.B.  Tina   Candee  Amber   Joni   C.H.    Rebecca  Kelly   Jenny   Christine   Katie   Pam
Joni, Jason, Jane, Nicole, Amanda, Rebecca, Kami, Lynettte,  Jennifer, Candice, Francine, Lisa, Liz, Layna, Osborn, Courtney, Ivy
Pam, Amanda, Candice, Erika, Gretchen, Elizabeth, Amanda, Tanna, Susan , Cathy, Kelli
Natalie, Chelsea, Tania, Jolene, Beth, S.D., Val, Kalia, Gina, Morgan, K.B.
Pam, Cassandra, F.M., Amy, Ryan, Vanessa, Christine
Kim, Erika, Lisa, Lisa, Sarah, Stori, Gwen, Karla, Carolina, Jo, Virginia
Kim, Sharon, Sandra, Debbie, Carolyn
Annette, Sara, Katie, Kristen, Amber, Connie, Erika, Luba, Kim, Lynn, Tamsin
Candice, Kim, Amy, Loree, Michele, Megan, Nicole. Connie, Cassie
Cheryl, Eric, Sierra, Lauren, Christine, Jamie, Katie, Carol

We have raised $17,424.00 so far in this Giveaway!!

Our FIRST goal is to raise AT LEAST $2,000.00 in each grant account!! 
My deepest desire is to double that!!

These families still need $5,386.00 to meet our first goal!!! 

(Sorry,  but adding Sutter/ the Collins Family up here means that despite all of your generous donations yesterday, our families' need actually went up a bit!)

JON AND ANGELA-Adopting Jack and Jensen RAISED $2768.00 (MET OUR FIRST GOAL!)
THE JOHNSON FAMILY - Adopting FOUR brothers! RAISED $1,569.00


THE MARR FAMILY - Adopting Alexei RAISED $1045.00
THE TAYLOR FAMILY - Adopting Samuel and Sara RAISED $1268.00


THE DEUTSCH FAMILY - Adopting Estelle and Gerard RAISED $1542.00
THE BAKER FAMILY - Adopting Emmitt RAISED $1454.00
THE UNROE FAMILY - Adopting Matthew, Jonathan, and Charity RAISED $1489.00
THE COLLINS FAMILY - Adopting Sutter Raised $247.00


Our FIRST goal is to raise $1,000.00 in each of their grant accounts. 
My deepest desire is to double that!!


JASON - RAISED $272.00
SIMON - RAISED $437.00
BOBBY - RAISED $261.00
IRIS - RAISED $523.00
FRANK - RAISED $476.00


Simple Math - Every five dollars donated earns you one entry into our giveaway!!!

To enter, here's what you have to do:

FIRST.... You have to pick at least ONE of the families and make a donation into their grant account.

SECOND....You have to pick at least ONE of the waiting children below and make a donation into their grant account.

THIRD... You have to leave a comment WITH YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME letting me know which of the families you donated to and which of the waiting children. Make sure to give me the total amount donated. Because I always moderate my comments, I will be able to keep this information private if you ask me to leave it private. if you prefer not to leave a comment, you can e-mail me


We will let it be between you and the Lord the size of your gift.


FOURTH.... You will also earn one entry for each additional family and/or waiting child you donate to. For example, a $50 donation spread among 3 families and 2 waiting children earns you 15 entries: 50/5 = 10 entries for the money, and 1 entry each for the families/children! So spread the love around!!!!

FIFTH.... You also get entries if you donate to the Lost Boys through Harvest International. Directions are below!
SIXTH.... You can also earn entries into the giveaway for SHARING! So share away. Share on Twitter. Share on FB. Share on your blog!!
When our Mulligan Stew Giveaway ends, we'll choose a winner for each prize by drawing random numbers from The more entries there are beside your name, the more chances you'll have to win something great!



Adopting Samuel and Sara (brother and sister)
21121204900 (1) 21121205037

Adopting Estelle and Gerard
10825232256 10825233124

Adopting Emmitt
Emmitt 2013 (1)

Adopting Matthew (Thad) Jonathan (Carson) and Charity (Presley)
 Carson_Aug2012 Presley

Adopting Jack and Jensen

Adopting FOUR brothers!
D. V. Little V and Baby K!!

Adopting Alexei


Jason (1) 
 Casey has until June 2013 to find a family

                Barton has until December 2013 to find a family

FRANK                                        DARREN

SIMON                                        BOBBY
Simon has until October 2013 to find a family!

                                                 IRIS                                                          AUBREE


BECAUSE I CANNOT LEAVE THEM OUT.... You can donate to the Lost Boys through Harvest International. Click onTHIS LINK and designate your gift to Alyona and Slavik for the Lost Boys. All donations to Harvest International are Tax Deductible.




$500.00 Gift Card
IPad Mini - $360.00
Wii U - $250.00 Value
KINDLE FIRE - $199.00 Value
Cross of Loops Necklace with Pearl - $280 Value
Retired Lladro Shepherdess with basket, value approximately $130
$100.00 Value - BOG BOOTS
$100.00 Amazon Card
100 dollar gift card
$100.00 Target Gift Card
100 Chevron gas card
100 Chevron gas card
$100 BiblioPlan year for a family….
$100 Restaurant Gift Card 

Glass Wine Decanter with 6 glasses - $100.00 Value
$100.00 gift certificate to Caps for Causes:
$100.00 gift certificate to Caps for Causes4 pack of ItWorks wraps. They are valued at $99
Original Photo on Canvas Print - $60.00 Value
16 GB Kingston Data Traveler Flash drive $60.00
Jessica Tote - $59.00
Baby/Lap Quilt (40" X 52") is valued at $50
$50.00 Target Gift Card
$50.00 Amazon Gift card
$50.00 Bloomingdales Gift Card
$50.00 Best Buy Gift card
50.00 Mobile Gas Card
50.00 Pencil Portrait
50.00 Pick a Child
$50.00 Custom book gift package
35 X 25 Rag quilt - $45.00 Value
Weighted Blanket - $40.00 Value
Thirty-One mini organizer in the minty chip pattern $30.00 value
Four Herbalife personal care products: Strengthening Shampoo (8.5 oz), Strengthening Conditioner (8.5 oz), Hand & Body Wash (8.5 oz), and Bath & Body Bar (4.4 oz). Approximate value $30.
Vera Bradley wristlet - 30.00
30.00 gift card to winner‘s choice
One dozen Cupcakes or cake balls from the "The Cupcake Patch" (winner’s choice) - $25.00 value
One dozen Cupcakes or cake balls from the "The Cupcake Patch" (winner’s choice) - $25.00 value
25.00 Amazon Gift Card
25.00 Visa gift card
25.00 credit to a scout shop
$25.00 ANYWHERE gift card <
$25.00 ANYWHERE gift card
25 itunes card
Mama Bird Necklace - Value $25.00
Customized video $25.00 Value - Winner’s Choice
$25.00 in Amazon cards (five 5.00 cards)
$25 gift card to Maggiano’s/On the Border/Romano’s Macaroni Grill
EasyLunchboxes Set -- 4 containers and cooler (pink) - $21 value
EasyLunchboxes Set -- 4 containers and cooler (orange) - $21 value
Happier at Home book - $26.00 Value
Custom Made Crochet Hat $20.00 Value - Winner’s choice
Duct Tape set (2 hair bows and a wallet) Value 20.00
Duct Tape set (2 hair bows and a wallet) Value 20.00
Montessori Wooden Rainbow Puzzle 20.00
Four Handmade Bars of Soap - 20.00 Value
Four Handmade Bars of Soap - 20.00 Value
Four Handmade Bars of Soap - 20.00 Value
Four Handmade Bars of Soap - 20.00 Value
Four Handmade Bars of Soap - 20.00 Value
$20.00 Multi-color print Owl purse
$20.00 Pink print Owl purse
$18 gift certificate for my crochet shop Hooked on Hope -
3 hair bows - 16.00 value
Personalized Pendant - $16.00 value
Rainbow Gnomes 15.00
"Heritage Lace" "Victorian House 13" x 20" Placement, Ecru" $15.00 value
$15 Jamba Juice Gift Card
Animal Lovie (bear) is valued at $12
Ancient craft book $12.00 Value
Medieval craft book $12.00 Value
Modern craft book $12.00 Value
$10.00 Bright turquoise Disciple cross
$10.00 Light pink Disciple cross
$10.00 Titanium Disciple cross
$10.00 4 wooden Disney puzzles
$10 Cold Stone gift card
$10 Target card
$10.00 Tortured for Christ book (gently used)
Autographed Blake Shelton CD $10.00
Devotional book - Jesus Calling 10.00 value
SIGNED COPY - $10.00 There's a Green Plastic Monkey in My Purse: And Other Ways Motherhood Changes Us by Jessie Clemence
Crayon People (5.00)
$5.00 Bible Card Games
5.00 Crocheted headband
Crocheted hat
$25.00 Value Infinity scarf, Frosty Green Fleck with Amber Fun Fur & glass beads
$25.00 Value Infinity scarf/shoulder wrap, Homespun with Terra Cotta Fun Fur
Made with Love/Beloved necklace $15.00
Forevermore necklace 15.00
Worthy bracelet $15.00
Inspire/Believe bracelet $20.00
Chosen bracelet $15.00
Daughter bracelet $15.00
Wonderful bracelet $20.00
Pink ring $5.00
Set of matching red flower dresses with headbands $40.00
Set of matching powder blue dresses & headbands -$40.00
Set of matching blue/striped bottom dresses $35.00
Pink/Purple Dress with headband $25.00
Red/Black/White dress - $20.00
Two Pack Jam - Two equal sized bottles of your favourite jams (125mL). There are a few varieties to chose from!
Jam Sampler- 125ml bottles of brandied cranberry & orange sauce, bumbleberry jam, orange & lemon marmalade, raspberry jam, strawberry jam and wild blueberry jam.