Frank's Freedom

Meet Frank. He’s 13 years old, and is curious, busy, fun happy and bright. He has a mental delay, but that doesn’t stop him from being friendly, engaging and kind. He’s also an orphan in Eastern Europe. This means he is in an institution. If he is not adopted by age 16, he will be thrown out on the street with nothing but the clothes on his back and his “disabled orphan” status. Let me tell you more about Frank.

He’s little, about the size of a 7 year old. And he’s smart. He is in a group with teenage boys ages 16-24. He does puzzles and he does his chores diligently. He is very kind to the younger children. Frank is friendly and engaging. He likes being with the boys, but is happy being alone too. He plays appropriately with toys and is “all boy”. He could very easily function in a family. Frank is curious, smart, fun and sweet. He likes to play in the dirt and jump on the trampoline. Frank is independent, a good eater, is happy and content. Frank is physically healthy. He walks, runs, feeds himself, speaks, does puzzles and interacts with others well. He's a sweet boy who seems rather unaffected by his surroundings. He has no future where he's at, and without help, he's never getting out. Institutions are a one way ticket to nowhere. And this little boy deserves a future. This little boy will be a blessing to any family.

The Baker family has committed to adopt Frank and another boy, Emmitt. But international adoption is pretty expensive. The adoption would cost about $30,000. Reece’s Rainbow is an organization that helps with this cost. They set up grants for children in 25 countries around the world, and any money that is donated to these funds is given to the families to help with adoption fees. With Reece's Rainbow's help, the Baker family only needs about $10,000 to bring home both boys!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Amy has Pictures! she and mr. boroughs met Samuel! there's two pics up on her blog! she hasn't posted much, and it's "killin" me and Tink! here's the two pics she put up!

Sammy and his new Daddy!

Sammy and his new Mommy!

Friday, April 29, 2011


I really wanted to point out that Anthony now has $20,000 in his grant fund on reeces rainbow. This mean his adoption is pretty much paid for. And thank you to whoever donated the $7,000 that was needed. Please, there is no excuse to not save him now! Please, he is going to be transferred anyday now to a mental institution. You are his only hope, please save him!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

National Pre-teen Orphan Awareness Week!

Well, not so national. I have decided that every year, the last week of April is going to be National Pre-Teen Orphan Awareness week. You can also call it NPTOA Week.
Well, I guess I will get started. I went on Reece's Rainbow and found every kid that was born in the 1990's on there. That means that the kids I'm about to show you have spent a minimum of 11 years as an orphan. That is not right! These kids are supposed to be going through the stresses of entering middle school, not sitting in a mental institution. They should have started school when they were 6, not sit there, regressing in that setting. Well, enough harping you. Here are those kids!

Here is Emmitt. He turned 13 on January 26. He has Spina Bifida, and can not walk at all. He is so smart, yet he is stuck in a mental institution in a CRIB! instead of a loving family that could help him. Please consider saving Emmitt. He only has 1, 005 days before he ages out, and he would be stuck in that institution for the rest of his life. Please save him before he turns 16. Doesn't this boy deserve a family??? Go on his page and read the story one of the adopting families told about him.

This is Bobby. He will turn 13 on October 30. He has Down Syndrome. Please consider saving him! He has so much potential! Check out his page to learn more about handsome Bobby.

This handsome young man is Daniel. I know he doesn't look it, but he is 11 years old, and turns 12 on July 12. He is from China, and would make such a great addition to any family. Just look at that smile! Look at his page to see how many good traits he has! Daniel does have Down Syndrome, I believe.

Look at those bright green eyes! Doesn't that show you that Vlad would make a good son? He will turn 12 on September 22, and is drawing closer to the age limit to be adopted. And if he is not adopted, then his "HIV+ and orphan" status will follow him the rest of his life. Please consider Vlad!

You can see that Tim is just smiling at the camera. You can see in his eyes that he's not happy. That is because he wants a family, and expresses it a lot. But Tim is HIV+, no fault of his own, and he knows that most families don't want an HIV+ child. Please show this boy that someone does want him. Tim turns 12 in November. Give him the best birthday present ever: A Family!

Boy, Larisa is Pretty! Wouldn't you want this beautiful 12 year old girl? Most people would, but then they find out she is HIV+ and they give up. Please dont let Larisa spend one more birthday (December 12) alone.

Now here is a very talented boy who has been hidden from society because he is HIV+. Marat is almost 13 already (June 1998), and he will be lost in the world after he turns 16 and ages out of the system. Please help Marat reach his full potential in America or Canada.

Wow, now Tyler is a boy who looks older than he is! Tyler is actually 11, and turns 12 in October. He has Spina Bifida and can't walk.

I love Julie's red hair. I am not sure what needs Julie has, though she may have possible brain damage. She is 12, turned/ turning 13 this month. She only has 3 years left before she ages out of the system! Please help save Julie!
All of these pre-teens should have been in loving families by now. They have been in orphanages too long. Please help save them. Consider adopting an older brother or sister! Adopt two instead of one! Most of these pre-teens are available to large familes, and to single parents. Please help, for the sake of Pre-Teen Orphans. Go ahead and post this on your blogs, just make sure you credit my blog please.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy 5th birthday Daphne

Happy 5th birthday to little Daphne.
Do you remember your fifth birthday? What did you do? Did you have a sleepover with some of your best friends? Did you go see a movie? Maybe you had a party. With ice cream cake and five flaming candles. But what was the most memorable part? I bet it wasn't the presents. You probably don't remember what you got. I bet that the most memorable part was being there with your family and friends, knowing that they were there to celebrate you
Daphne won't spend her fifth birthday that way. She doesn't have any family to sing her happy birthday. She won't have a big cake and a bunch of presents. Most likely, she will spend it the wayshe has spent her last four birthdays, alone in an orphanage. She probably doesn't even know it's her birthday. Isn't that sad? Remember as a child , you would count down the days until your birthday in like 2 or 3 months adavance? Daphne wouldn't do that. How sad is that? To not know when your birthday was?
I hope this will be her last birthday Alone please help raise awareness about orphanage 25. These are normal little kids, they just happen to not have parents and the ones we sponsor just happen to have some difficulties that seem to draw people away from them. All little kids are special, just some specialness, like special needs, have come off negative. And to top it off, Daphne and the other kids at 25, they live in Europe where their only voice for adoption and to yet saved is YOU! yes you, our like one follower. Yes YOU who just happened across this blog. YOU DON'T HAVE TO ADOPT TO HELP AN ORPHAN! you can help in many ways . Raise money and send it to the kids funds. Get involved in our service opportunities. Start your own organization for another orphanage on reece's rainbow. Please email me or spud for more information! We will get back to you as soon as we humanly can.
So happy birthday little Daphne. I pray that you know that there is someone on the other side of the world praying that you will be home by your next birthday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen, He Is Risen Indeed!

"He is Alive! Hallelujah, and the stone is rolled away! He is Alive! He is Alive! Hallelujah!" Happy Easter! He has conquered the grave! He Lives! :D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Another one! This is another family traveling over to Orphanage 25 to adopt their daughter, Katya. They also have a date and very well may be over there the same time as Sullivan (Sam)'s family! This is totally awesome! I've asked both families to get pictures of the other children at 25 while they are there, but there may be rules against taking pictures, like to protect child confidentially and stuff. Please be praying they both make it over quickly and safely and that everything will go great! I will be posting here about both trips, so keep updated!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Actual News!

Almost better than that post back in November. I wanted to announce that the Boroughs' have a date!!!!!!!!!!!! They said they will be in Sullivan (Sam)'s country by the end of THIS MONTH!!!!!! ISN"T THAT AMAZING?!?!? Some families wait months and months after they commit to get a travel date. This is the most amazing thing that has happened!!! Even more amazing would be one of the other kids still at Orphanage 25 to find homes. Please help us find homes for those amazing kids! They have been pushed away from society because they are different. And to celebrate this occasion, I have a challenge for you:

  • Put a picture of one of the kids on this blog from (25) that has not been adopted yet as your wallpaper on your phone, your picture on your facebook, or put their picture where anyone could see it.

  • If someone asks who they are, explain to them who they are, and tell them what happens to orphans with special needs in that child's country (I'm not allowed to actually say where it is openly).

  • Then comment or email me with your story of what happen. Spud and I are doing it. You should too! I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Please do it, if not for us, for those kids. You are their only hope. They have no voice without you.

~I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!- Matthew 25:40~


finally! After almost a year of prayers!! SULLIVAN/SAMUEL IS GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See for yourself on his parents' blog!!! eeeeeep! im so excited for him! Sullivan will always be in my heart! here is a poem i wrote for him in middle school!

Look into His Eyes
He is a Surprise
He wants to be adop
but he is not wanted
cuz he's mentally retarded
He is really smart
he has a special place in my heart
Sullivan, I love You!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Breaking news!!!!!!

We now have information about three more kids at Orphanage 25. Here they are: This is Noel. She is 6 years old, and will turn 7 in October. HERE is her Reece's Rainbow page. It says "Girl, Born October 2004 Oh, Noel! ;(( Noel was born with hydrocephaly and severe CP. She has had surgery and has a shunt for her hydrocephalus, but she is still just "existing" for right now. She is blessed to still be at the baby house….the director can't bear to send her on. There is no way to know her potential until she is out of an orphanage and in her own family setting. She will likely require 24 hour care. But she deserves a family of her own! Because of her severe special needs, any family considering a commitment for Noel should be home study approved and have experience caring for a child with these significant needs." This is Joel. He is just a baby, turns 1 in October. HERE is his Reece's Rainbow page. It says "Boy, Born October 2010 Beautiful new baby boy with arthrogryposis. More photos available. From his medical records: arthrogryposis, convulsive disorder, hypotrophy, capillary hemangioma of the right cheek and back region." This is Daphne. She is four years old, and will turn 5 on April 25. HERE is her Reece's Rainbow page. It says "Girl, Born April 25, 2006 Daphne was born with CP. She is not able to walk and is significantly cognitively delayed. She is described as an affectionate and responsive child, and she would so benefit from having a loving family of her own. She is facing transfer very soon, and will remain bedridden if she is not adopted. More photos available" We have asked to get more pictures of Daphne and Joel, because their pages said there were more available. Also, there is now a Orphanage 25 page on Reece's Rainbow. More information: Anthony has $7, 093.19 in his grant fund. He also has an Easter Warrior. If this is you, please comment so we can recognize you. We got that new picture of Sergey, and he has $20 in his fund. He also has a 5/5/5 Warrior. Click on that link for more info about the Reece's Rainbow 5/5/5 Project. Again, if that is you, please let us know! Lorena has $119 in her grant. She still needs a Warrior for 5/5/5 project. If you are interested, please inquire Joel has $180 in his grant IMPORTANT INFO!!!!: Anthony, Sergey and Lorena are available to be adopted by large families. So please comment!