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Meet Frank. He’s 13 years old, and is curious, busy, fun happy and bright. He has a mental delay, but that doesn’t stop him from being friendly, engaging and kind. He’s also an orphan in Eastern Europe. This means he is in an institution. If he is not adopted by age 16, he will be thrown out on the street with nothing but the clothes on his back and his “disabled orphan” status. Let me tell you more about Frank.

He’s little, about the size of a 7 year old. And he’s smart. He is in a group with teenage boys ages 16-24. He does puzzles and he does his chores diligently. He is very kind to the younger children. Frank is friendly and engaging. He likes being with the boys, but is happy being alone too. He plays appropriately with toys and is “all boy”. He could very easily function in a family. Frank is curious, smart, fun and sweet. He likes to play in the dirt and jump on the trampoline. Frank is independent, a good eater, is happy and content. Frank is physically healthy. He walks, runs, feeds himself, speaks, does puzzles and interacts with others well. He's a sweet boy who seems rather unaffected by his surroundings. He has no future where he's at, and without help, he's never getting out. Institutions are a one way ticket to nowhere. And this little boy deserves a future. This little boy will be a blessing to any family.

The Baker family has committed to adopt Frank and another boy, Emmitt. But international adoption is pretty expensive. The adoption would cost about $30,000. Reece’s Rainbow is an organization that helps with this cost. They set up grants for children in 25 countries around the world, and any money that is donated to these funds is given to the families to help with adoption fees. With Reece's Rainbow's help, the Baker family only needs about $10,000 to bring home both boys!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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I found this on a blog I follow!

This post is not going to be the prettiest, nor the most eloquent. I'll be lucky if I manage to run spell check!

You heard me mention earlier this week about the kids in the middle school grades in the English class, right? And how they were amazing and hilarious and wonderful?

Well, I just can't get this one boy- I'm going to call him "Sam"- out of my head. I keep getting this feeling that this child is supposed to be in someone's family. I just can't shake it. It's on my mind all the time.

So I talked to the facilitator, and this morning, we met with the Director. She LOVES Sam- and was more than happy to fill us in all about him. She figured he was too old for anyone to want, but he IS available for adoption- it just has to happen fast. Like NOW.

We need a family, one either finishing their homestudy, or who can update a prior homestudy, and get it into USCIS before May 1st for approval for a boy up to age 16 at time of referral. He will be 16 in May.

Ya'll, this boy faces transfer here- because there is nothing for him here- and you will literally fall out of your seat when you hear why.

His fingers have banding on them. He has little nubs for some fingers, and others are partly formed and then twisted together.

So below you're going to see my report on him and I'm going to hover precariously out the window to get satellite internet to upload one of the pics I have. (If someone is interested email me and I'll try to send you another one!) I WANT THIS BOY IN A FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have about 24 hours to get some kind of confirmation from someone that they are interested and want to pursue him, so I can officially go ask him if he really does want to go to America with a family. We're leaving here tomorrow a week earlier than we planned, and I'll see him one last time then.

He has a friend adopted into Washington state- he knows about adoption. He is very supportive of adoption. He was so happy for Emma and pleased that she would have a chance. He has a name that is used in both the US and EE. He is friendly, very intelligent, doing very well in school, is loved by his classmates, and respected. The director managed to get him sent to a futbol (ie soccer) camp in Poland a couple of years ago- he is VERY good at soccer, and loves it. He quizzed us quite well on our knowledge of it hahaha! His English is good enough that we had several conversations, and I think within getting him home to the US, he'll be fluent in no time.

He is an adorable teen- would make a perfect big brother or little brother or only child. He is very easygoing, very athletic and the teacher says he is very easy to work with in class.

Fingers, people. The kid, who when you see him walking down the hall would NEVER appear to belong at a special needs orphanage for kids with physical disabilities, could be sent to an institution or kicked into the streets by the government, for having a few finger issues.

Sam needs a home NOW. Please repost this link- please share it, please shout it from the rooftops. Call your neighbors, your church friends, your aunt and uncle. If anyone has a spare bed and a seat at the table, and is willing to adopt a great son- one that is thriving and just needs a chance- I've got him, right here.

I don't have pics of his whole head-to-toe self, but he is about 5'8" to 5"9". He is built like an athlete. He looks like a soccer player. He grins so quickly and laughs very easily, is respectful, very polite and was so curious about America he could barely contain it.

THIS boy, Samuel, is the one that had all the questions about what people with disabilites can do in America- this is the curious one that was in the class. He wants to go to college, he would love to play college soccer, and honestly, he could do it. He's good.

Here, in EE- no future.

There, in the USA, the world is his oyster.

Please, this boy needs an immediate commitment- delve in your hearts- see if you have room for him in your home. It's an easy region, 1 day passports are available, the director rocks! and you'll love your trip.

The director gave me special permission today to see if I could get him a family. Please- help me!!!!! If someone commits asap, we have permission to list him with RR- so the family could use an FSP there to help fundraise- and I will raise the roof hollering for you to get him some help. I'll even do some real life fundraisers- I'm open to suggestions. And my prior offer goes for him as well- the minute he has a family committed with RR, hubby and I will be putting money into his fund!!!!

Sam is pictured below.

Isn't he adorable? Seriously- he's just a sweetheart. Please- help me get the word out- if anyone has questions, email me!

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